Fenris Games Wererabbit

I managed to purchase a WereRabbit at the Fenris Games booth before they ran out at Salute 2014. Its always so hectic and I am happy to have fought the crowds had a chat with Ian and got a cool resin mini to boot!

Fenris have an astounding range of miniatures and have just launched their new website. Well worth checking out their ranges! Here is the link to the Wererabbit

So I decided to keep this bunny secret up till now as I used it in my recent Pathfinder RPG as an encounter. I wanted my Wererabbit to really stand out from other so went for an Albino paint job. One of the players, a monk, flanked round the back during the fight scene and came face to face with the Wererabbits weak spot. Which he promptly took advantage of and defeated the creature! 

I used an off white. A bit lighter than Vallejo Bonewhite. I then darkened the shadows on the fur and highlighted with a bright white. The pinks are done using thinned red washes up to bright red for blood and eyes. The base is a Woodland base that I scuplted and cast myself in large numbers for the many fantasy miniatures I will be painting over this year! The paint job here is Table top quality as I am trying to churn out more miniatures this year than last for use. The base is a 50mm square base so this creature is a large 28mm miniature.



  • Elysium64

    Thats good mate, at least painting the Were Rabbits weak spot will get you in good practice for those Kingdom Death miniatures