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Guild Ball Masons WIP’s

I have been banging away at the Mason's Team from the starter box. I am hapy how they are coming out. I am using Rosemary and Co Sable Blend 401 brushes and Scale75 ScaleColor paint sets. Hoping to finish these chaps off in the next 4-5 days and then get the Brewers done.  Ok Here are the images! Just realise that I need to add them in!  

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Fenris Games Wererabbit

I managed to purchase a WereRabbit at the Fenris Games booth before they ran out at Salute 2014. Its always so hectic and I am happy to have fought the crowds had a chat with Ian and got a cool resin mini to boot! Fenris have an astounding range of miniatures and have just launched their new website. Well worth checking out their ranges! Here is the link to the Wererabbit.  So I decided to keep this bunny secret up till now as I used it in my recent Pathfinder RPG as an encounter. I wanted my Wererabbit to really...

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Reaper Bones Skeletons - Painting Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial for painting good table top standard skeletons. I have used Reaper Bones skeletons that I received from the Bones Kickstarter. I re-based the Skeletons on bases from Tiny Worlds. Stage 1 Here I applied a dark brown coat to the skelton and once dried applied a dry brush of Vallejo Bonewhite Stage 2 Any metal items are given a solid coat of pure black which will form the base for our rusted metal Stage 3 A brown is stippled onto the metal areas that were painted brown in Stage 2. I used a Citadel dry brush and stippled...

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15mm Gruntz Army Part Deux

So I have been painting furiously the last few weeks and got the army based, the undercoat, basic dry brushing and highlighting and some detail. I've also start the flame concepts. Here are the paints being used:   Here are the undercoat a and dry brush and the APC with flames:       p

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15mm Gruntz Army

At Salute 2014 I purchased a number of miniatures from a diverse range of genres. But my biggest focus was on 15mm scifi warfare. I have several friends playing Gruntz using various 15mm miniature ranges. I bought the following to build my army ready for war!! My first purchase was an army box by Ground Zero Games which included all the infantry and heavy weapons I would need plus a couple of nice options. The miniatures were well cast with only a little clean up required before basing. - UNSC/Light Infantry Box: Pack contents:  2 packs SG15-U20 Riflemen,  1...

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Pathfinder RPG Campaign

Last night I started my Pathfinder RPG game at my club on Thursday evenings. There were three players, two completely new and one who knows D&D 3.5. So we started our sessions with a dungeon delve. The party used pregen characters, Paladin, Monk and Druid. A strange mix which actually hits pretty hard! The game went well and the party fought some Dire Rats, found a secret draw in a wall, a chest full of goodies then fought sme goblins (original orange colour) Looking forward to next week. Here was the layout of the dungeon!  

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