Miniature campaign - Trolls under the Bridge do a Vaader for Imperial Guard

Here's a link to Trolls under the bridge, a small Czech company that makes nice 6mm miniatures. They are currently running a kickstarter-like presale where they collect money to finance designing a Vaader Troop Transport (basically a remake of the Forgeworld Gorgon in 6mm). That's a great idea and really worth my and your support.

They also have a good sense of humor, take a look at this:

As we are not approved to manufacture the sacred imperial designs, we have made a deal with unorthodox innovators from independent Haargor Federation to solve the problem. The Vaader super-heavy transport that we have found in their arsenal perfectly suits our demands. The huge machine is able to ride almost any landscape, cross small and middle rivers and deliver transported troops through no-man's land directly into the contact with the enemy. Full documentation of the vehicle you can find further in this document.

Even if I'm still struggling to finish painting my Ultramarines I'm in with a 100 EUR pledge. After all, you can't have too many Epic minis and honestly the miniatures they make really look epic, I love their DKoK and their Catachans are also great. They have so many great figures that I haven't decided what I want to spent my store credit on. I think I have to take a trip to the traitor legion and see what I would actually like to field in an imperial army list.

Yesterday evening I received the update that the Vaader has been financed and the hunt for stretch goals is now open. Here's the link to the progress page. Go, Trolls, go!

The campaign is running until the end of October, so make sure to get your pledge in.

Here is a concept drawing of a Vaader transport vehicle:

And here is the datasheet