Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Approaching Attriticon

So just a quick post to show you what I still want to finish before I head off to the Attriticon in Ulm in two weeks. Together with a friend I'll be demoing Epic there.

According to my email inbox the playing mat that I ordered from the Kraken Mat KS will have arrived when I get home today, so we'll have something to play on. I'm also working on some ruins to have something to put onto the mat, but I haven't taken a photo, yet. A few Terminators are waiting for the finishing touches, my single Landraider is waiting for three more to have his formation completed and as a bonus I hope I get to finish up the Warhound Titan. We're not using the rules for big warmachines, yet, so it'll just be eye candy or maybe the model to initiate using these rules, we'll see...​


  • elsmore

    Nice - let’s see an army shot before you go smile