Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Barrage at Delta-Niner-Echo confirmed

So it was about time I got my hands and especially brushes back on some 6mm glory. Most of my absence from 6mm painting was owed to some new hobby-crack that I got into, the Batman Miniatures Game (BMG) (more about that at another time). Painting in 6mm really is something different than painting 28mm (or 35mm which is the BMG) Scale, it was great getting back to these tiny machines.

In every army there are different roles that need to be fulfilled, there's the scout that blocks enemy movement and gets quickly where he needs to be, there's the heavy hitter, that crushes everything in its way, there's the grunt that takes ground and captures objectives and there's of course artillery providing long range fire support, pounding enemy positions and grinding away on enemy units. For Space Marines there is nothing like a Whirlwind lying fire and destruction onto traitors and heretics and what could be better than one Whirlwind? Exactly, four of them (okay, somehow my pics get croped during the upload process. As soon as I find out how to avoid this I'll upload them again, then showing all 4 Whirlwinds)...

Posting the size comparisson pic is useless, as the 28mm Space Marine on the side got cropped away by some algorithm. This certainly is the work of Tzeentch, do I smell heresy? wink

UPDATE May, 10th 2016:

Hah, take this Tzeentch, Lord of Change, your reign is at an end, I have taken new pictures.... I also took the oportunity to paint the borders of the bases black, I missed that in the previous take...

Here is the size comparisson:

And here are the other ones

Yeah, well, still one got cut off, but it's better than before wink.

Happy painting!

  • elsmore

    Great job on weathering those Whirlwinds! The cropping is indeed the work of Tzeentch! IIRC I’ve set it to maintain the aspect ratio you see above. If you start with roughly that aspect ratio, nothing will get cropped out. smile

  • Calico Jack

    Thanks elsmore I just looooove weathering, it just adds so much realism… I did take new pictures and for the future I’ll keep the aspect ratio in mind. I even think you told me before but I forgot, well that only means that I’m not writing enough blogposts here, right?

  • elsmore

    I hope you don’t mind, but I just used a pic of your Whirlwind in the model database:

  • Calico Jack

    sure, np having the pic in the database, actually it’s an honour wink