Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - How it started

In the heat of summer 2015 I met up with a fellow gamer from Munich in the Beergarden at the Chinese Tower in the middle of the Englischer Garten. Both of us were quite into 28mm Gaming and he also had played some 10mm Warmaster historical. We wanted to play a wargaming system that felt realistic and supported combined arms forces. Each of us had done some research beforehand and after putting the options that we had found (Command Horizon, Age of Tyrants, Strike Legion, Wessex Iron Cow, Dystopian Wars, Epic Armageddon) on the table we quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted to play Epic. Both of us liked the fluff, miniatures (or at least proxies) seemed readily available and the rules were said to be among the best regarding combined arms and tactical warfare.

My friend picked Dark Eldar as his favourites, as I already had a few Epic Space Marines at home I choose those...

Enjoying painting as much as gaming I tried out a few ideas of mine and this is the first Rhino that I painted up:

  • elsmore

    Looking great! You’ll have a lot of fun with Epic. smile