Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Praise the machine spirit

When I think about Space Marines in battle there's always a Land Raider involved, so after painting one as a colour sample at the start of my ultramarine army endeavor there were still three spots in that formation that needed filling. Before going to Attriticon (I'll write a few words about that Con in a later post, in short: it was great) I wanted to complete this formation. I got some metal Mark IIb Land Raider Phobos from ebay, not that I don't have loads of the plastic Proteus Pattern ones, but I thought a bit of mixing would do them good. In my unit building frenzy before Attriticon I somehow forgot about putting a Proteus Pattern on a base and so my unit now has three Mark IIb and one LR Prometheus Command tank. In my opinion they do work nicely together. 

In the future I'm planning to put one of my Proteus Pattern ones on a bigger base (probably 6 cm) together with some scenery and use it as one of my Blitz objectives. At the moment I'm just using two of my predators for that purpose.

Size comparisson shot:

  • elsmore

    Looking great, and suitably muddy!