Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Reinforcements are on their way, Commander!

Do you know that feeling, when you've been painting a lot of minis for one system and you feel your painting motivation dwindle away?

I shelled out about 500 points worth of Batman miniatures and about the same amount of Freebooter's Fate Miniatures in the last months. That might not be much, but then again I don't have much time for this great hobby and skirmisher miniatures take up quite some time to get painted. So my Riddler Crew for Batman now is finished, well almost I still need to finish painting the Riddler Mech and then there's that package from an online store that I'm waiting for... but there are more than enough miniatures for me to choose from to take part in the local Munich Batman campaign.

My first Freebooter's Crew, the Imperial Armada, has been playable long time ago (if you define playable by having fully painted models) and I'm only painting models to create more options for me to choose from, my second Freebooter's Crew, the Cult, is not yet playable but there are quite a few models finished already, however every time when I picked up an unpainted model during the last weeks I just didn't feel like painting it or finishing the paint job that I already started on the miniature. Then at the end of April I stumbled upon some Whirlwinds that I started painting at the end of last year, I finished them in one evening and there was the fun in painting again. How I loved looking at those small tankies... So last weekend I primed a few more of them and this week I finished two Cybots and one Predator..

And here's the size comparisson Space Marine...

Happy painting!

  • elsmore

    Lovely stuff! Basing is top notch again - they create a nice atmosphere. Are the Cybots “counts as” dreadnoughts?

  • Calico Jack

    Dreadnoughts, of course grin when looking for painted 28mm examples I looked for dreadnoughts and got pictures of world war 2 vessels and only a few cybots…