Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Release the Kraken!

A few of my friends told me now that I'm painting up an Epic force in such detail I also should make some terrain to match that level of detail. I always prefer painting miniatures to painting terrain, actually I have only ever painted one piece of terrain (a small ruin that I build out of styrodur). Then again I just started painting 1,5 years ago.

Well, what I want to say is that first of all I will be painting my Ultramarines and after that if I feel like it I'll probably do some terrain. However I have found a playing mat that looks like it was made after somebody saw my basing tiles, lol.

Kraken mat, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign (3 days left, already funded by far and still going strong) and one of their designs, the scarlet planet looks like the perfect fit for my army. So I'm backing them and am looking forward to receive this splendid mat in March 2016 (at least that's what they are saying).

They have a lot more mats with breath-taking designs, so if you are looking for a nice mat to play on take a look at the Kraken Mat Kickstarter campaign.