Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Rock’n'Roll

So the Vindicators are ready, let's move on to something a bit more exciting... motorcylces, attackbikes to be specific

There's really not much to say about them. I've put them on 2 x 4 cm bases, the same size that I use for other infantry models (ruleswise bikes count as infantry and attack bikes count as light vehicles). I would have liked for them to have a cloud of dust hanging behind them, showing their aggressive speed and riding but I wasn't sure how to realize this (I don't like the look of cotton wool on models, it just doesn't look right) so I opted for a few pigments thrown onto their trails.

At first I was a bit over-enthusiastic regarding rust and there were no un-rusted metal parts left:

As much as I love weathering it looked a bit un-realistic so I slapped on a few streaks of gun metal paint and the outcome looked a lot better:

As you can see, I also chose to paint tactical symbols on the shoulder pads. On the attack bikers the shoulder pads are still quite big and so on the other side I also painted the Ultramarine symbol.

Let's take a look at the whole formation, sadly I had no Chaplain model, so I just gave one biker a white helmet to symbolize a commander. Attack bikes already have it in their name, they are not meant for long range fire support, they will be where things get down and dirty and where loud rock music is going to be played. So talking ruleswise most of the time I will put a Chaplain into that unit (same for assault marines) that inspirational trait of him really helps in assaults (and when in base contact he'll also bring in an addtional macro weapon attack, good stuff). I will either play them a normal bikes or attack bikes or mixed unit. They both cost the same, in close combat bikes will hit harder but having at least one attack bike will allow me to put one blast marker on my target before charging in for the kill. Again, something more to change the odds in my favour, then again, I will most probably not send them into an assault all by their own, well the only way I'll find out how to use them best is by actually playning...

  • elsmore

    Looking great! May I recommend using some kind of object for scale reference? I use a coin. I think it would really help people appreciate how dinky these models are. smile

  • Calico Jack

    Hi Elsmore,
    good point, I have gotten a 28mm scale plastic Space Marine two weeks ago. Actually I wanted to use it as a base decoration for my supreme commander but I got two and I’ll use one for size comparisons and the other one will be chopped apart as base decoration… wink

  • Verytallian

    Blister pack foam is good for representing clouds and explosions - it can be painted / dry brushed. I will try and post some photos of my blast markers later to show you.
    I like the bases.

  • Calico Jack

    @Verytallian: Thanks and good point on the blister pack foam. I’ll certainly try that and of course I want to see your blast markers… If you show me yours I’ll show you mine wink I actually made them out of flock glued together with super glue and white glue…