Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Small steps at first

After painting up my first Rhino I wanted something bigger to see how the basing I opted for (3 x 4 cm masonite) would look there, so I picked up a Land Raider Prometheus and painted away...

Why did I opt for not only basing my infantry (mandatory ruleswise) but also my vehicles (purely optional ruleswise)? 

  • It will pull the army together and will make them look like a whole. For me this is the most important point. It really makes a big difference on the table and when you put them on display in your cabinet they will absolutely rock!
  • I've gotten myself some Basius stamping pads and this is a great opportunity to put one to use. I'm using the one labeled Imperial, just in case you were wondering.
  • I like painting and modelling a lot. I've attended two workshops so far, both from the Massive Voodoo crew. The first one was Jarhead's Painting class and the second one was Picster's Modelling class. In both classes I learned a lot and found my passion for miniature painting and sculpting. (If you want to become a better painter or sculptor I think the best way is to attend a class to learn the basics and get some good tips to get started.) Now, basing vehicles and infantry allows me to not only paint but also to get do some modelling on those bases done, you'll see what I mean in some of my posts that are still to come, so stay tuned.
  • No paint chipping from direct contact between table and miniature. Well at least as long as it's not toppled over.
  • I can pick up the miniatures by their base and don't have to touch the mini every time. I really like heavy weathing and to achieve that look I use lots of pigments. Additionally I don't seal my miniatures with matt varnish or anything else. So pigments are more likely to stay where I put them when they don't come into contact with the table or my fingers.
  • It emphasises the focus on the miniature if you use contrasting colours for the mini and its base. Ultramarines are blue and the brown-red of the base should make them pop out of the base and catch the eye
  • Anything you would like to add?

So without furhter ado here is my Land Raider:

  • elsmore

    Superb job! The tones used on the mini and the base compliment each other nicely and the heavy weathering looks great. smile

  • Stormwind

    Bloomin’ ‘eck that’s a bit special, good job!

  • Calico Jack

    Thanks guys, happy you like them :-D