Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Take and hold that refinery!

After having seen Elsmore's splendid looking Blood Angels I wanted to make my infantry also something special and not just do the normal 5 figures in a row on a 1 x 4 cm strip with a bit of sand. However what basing-theme should I pick? The major theme for my army is toxic wasteland. So what can be found there besides poisonous, radiated lakes (amphibious marines? Not my cup of tea), waste dumbs (yeah, maybe) and ruins (well pretty standard, I'm sure I'll do some later on but not for my first bases), how about a refinery? Rusted machinery, huge tanks, leaking pipelines? Count me in!

So this is the final result:

How did I get that there? I like modelling and I just love working with super sculpey, so after stamping the Basius imperial stamppad on my 4 x 2 cm masonite bases I sculped some tanks and then started cutting through some old plastic sprues and connected the tanks one with another. I used one marine to stamp in the holes where the marines would go added a few more accessories (mainly barrels and boxes) and then the bases were basically ready to prime.

Let’s talk accessories, we all know those really make the difference between something nice and something that makes your jaw drop (“Wow, I love those details.”, “Cool, look, there is even a [insert name of accessory]”). In 28mm they are not hard to come by. I have lots of skulls, bones, small animals, weapons and what not but in 6mm phew there once was …… where you could buy at least some barrels. I don’t know for sure what else you could buy there, when I got into 6mm the store was already closed. So I had to keep on looking and finally I found Perfect Six Scenics. Richard, the guy who runs it focuses mainly on historical 6mm accessories but he also has some things I could use. There I got barrels, jerry cans, ammunition crates and random crates. He told me that he was also looking for accessories and after not finding any he simply made some (and keeps making new stuff) and then made them available to the public. So if you are looking for that little special thing take a look there and if you don’t find it ask Richard, I’m quite sure he could get it made.

After Priming the next steps were quite straight forward, painting the bases did go quite fast, I painted the tanks and pipelines using the Model Mates Rust colours (I have yellow and brown rust from them, stinks like hell while painting but the result looks astonishing). And then I did the accessories and concrete blocks the pipelines lie on. Then it was time to paint the Marines…

Here's an inbetween shot of my bases. The black, white and rust make quite a nice colour combination...

For priming and the first coat of blue I did put them on coffee mixing sticks and I kept them on those sticks until I felt they were got to go onto the bases. The painting process was nothing special: picking out the details, washing, drybrushing and ready.

Time for the marriage, after trying to squeeze them into the stamped holes on a few bases I started cutting off tiny bits off of the stand of every Marine until they slit in effortlessly. (Next time I’ll make sure to fill the gaps between the miniature and the base.) Then it was time for some wet-in-wet to get the ground into my toxic wasteland theme, some drybrushing to add final highlights and my first tactical Marine formation was ready.

Here's another WIP-shot 2/3 through the wet-in-wet.

All in all I’m quite pleased with the result. What do you think?

And here's one shot for size comparisson:

  • elsmore

    Outstanding! Great use of old sprue - nothing should go to waste. I didn’t know about Perfect Six Scenics - I’ll be after some of those accessories. I’m hoping to have a formation of Redemptionists painted over Christmas, and you have inspired me to create a similar post in the New Year. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Calico Jack

    Actually my wife threw away that sprue just a week before I had the idea to use it for pipelines, however I was lucky I almost never empty the trash bin in my hobby room. Perfect Six Scenics really has cool stuff (and he also has a pic of my first Rhino in his gallery). Looking forward to those Redemptionists and your post, I’m really happy I could inspire you.