Reaper Bones Skeletons - Painting Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial for painting good table top standard skeletons. I have used Reaper Bones skeletons that I received from the Bones Kickstarter. I re-based the Skeletons on bases from Tiny Worlds.

Stage 1

Here I applied a dark brown coat to the skelton and once dried applied a dry brush of Vallejo Bonewhite

Stage 2

Any metal items are given a solid coat of pure black which will form the base for our rusted metal

Stage 3

A brown is stippled onto the metal areas that were painted brown in Stage 2. I used a Citadel dry brush and stippled the paint on chaotically. At this stage I also applied a very light dry brush of white to the very top highlights of the skeletons bones.

Stage 4

Several Edges are painted in a metallic paint including a few slashes to the shield. 

Stages - Final

I use browns of various tones for the wood and leather etc. The Eyes are painted bright green to show they are magical animated! Then a completed shot of the Skeletons.