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I was not sure if I should get into Epic terrain before actually finishing my Ultramarine army but during the games I played, I quickly got tired of using Landraiders or Predators as objectives, additionally I kept thinking about how to base my Devastator squad. Some fellow Epic enthusiasts from Tabletopwelt, the forum where I'm quite active pointed me towards a kickstarter that the guys from Boneshop had started. It was about financing the production of huge titan walls for E:A games. I decided that at the moment that wasn't something that I would buy however I took a look at their online shop and saw a few things that I really liked: Barracks that could serve as objectives and small walls and watchtowers that I could use as base decoration for my squads. I couldn't find any reviews online and I wasn't sure if the stuff would fit the task I had in mind, so I ordered a few samples (command barrack and the Pillbox fence set) to see and try. They do have measurements on their website which is quite cool so you can already see if the thing fits your purpose, but hey I still prefer to go mano-a-mano with these things.

Boneshop couldn't produce my order right away because they themselves were waiting on material to get delivered to them, I suppose they ran out of resin *lol*. When my order finally arrived they had been so kind as to add an infantry barrack free of charge to my order, thanks for that guys! When I opened the box everything was neatly packed in plastic bags and nothing was broken. The resin they are using does keep details very well and sharp without being brittle. The small and thin wall parts still have a certain amount of flexibility to them.

The Pillbox Set:

Side by side with some minis for size comparisson:

And here are the Command Barrack and the Infantry Barrack:

Again with some company:

Then came the fun part, I washed the barracks in soapy water and after they were dry I picked up my airbrush and put on some primer and some base colours:

And when you take a close look at the above picture you might also see another addition to my Ultramarines force wink. After cleaning my airbrush I had to take a long vacation and then when I got back to Munich I finished off the barracks. They have a nice amount of details, I especially like the Imperial Eagle on the barracks, in total the buildings neither feel overcrowded nor too empty. They do look like they were pre-constructed on some forgeworld and then dropped by a thunderhawk to quickly build up a base, a bit like in Dawn of War, if you know what I mean. Of course I added a lot of weathering to make them blend in with the rest of my force...

Will I buy from Boneshop again? I'm already thinking about my next order so make sure you get your's in before they run out of resin again wink.

Happy painting!

  • elsmore

    Thanks for posting this review! I have been meaning to grab a few small pieces for base decoration for a while. Their Titan wall set also looks amazing. Bit pricy, but the quality looks good. Great job on your barracks smile