15mm Gruntz Army

At Salute 2014 I purchased a number of miniatures from a diverse range of genres. But my biggest focus was on 15mm scifi warfare. I have several friends playing Gruntz using various 15mm miniature ranges. I bought the following to build my army ready for war!!
My first purchase was an army box by Ground Zero Games which included all the infantry and heavy weapons I would need plus a couple of nice options. The miniatures were well cast with only a little clean up required before basing.

- UNSC/Light Infantry Box:
Pack contents: 
2 packs SG15-U20 Riflemen, 
1 pack SG15-U21 Riflemen, 
1 pack SG15-U22 SAW gunners, 
1 pack SG15-U23 Command, 
1 pack SG15-U24 prone rifles and GMS, 
1 pack SG15-U25 support weapons, 
1 pack SG15-U26 GMS launchers, 
1 pack SG15-U27 Plasma Gun teams, 
1 pack SG15-U28 RAM Mortar teams, 
2 packs V15-92A Grav Bikes, 
1 x V15-93A Heavy Plasma Cannon.
I also bought a couple of larger robot miniatures.

All these are by -

My army needs some seriously awesome looking armoured vehicles. It's also got to pack a punch since my fighting style is go in heavy and loud! 

I purchased an Assault troop of three vehicles by Antenocitis Workshop -

These vehicles are simply beautifully cast models. The only cleaning I had to do on both the resin and metal parts was to give them a wash before glueing. I was very surprised how cleanly cast the resin was. Antenocitis should be proud.

Assault Troop of vehicles:

I pledge that I will build all these miniatures and paint all of them in 4 weeks!!!!!! Argh!!!!!

  • Elysium64

    Over a week gone by, hope you have some paint on these now smile