Showcase - Savage Orc Big Boss

Here's the Savage Orc Big Boss from GW that I painted up for a miniature switching initiative in the forum. Very cool miniature, very dynamic, I had a lot of fun painting it.

There are a few first with this miniature, it was the first time that I used paper fern leaves from Fredericus Rex, I did a bit of discolouration to not have them look uniformly green. It was also the first time that I tried to use glue (Uhu Flinke Flasche) to create spit threads (is that the correct English wording?) and I'm quite happy with the outcome. And it was also the first time that I used crackle medium on a miniature. I mixed it with red paint for the warpaint and my aim was to make it look like some sort of red mud that the Orc had used to paint himself with and that now that it is drying up, gets all crackled and is prone to fall off. But I think I used too much red colour in the mix and thus prevented the crackling magic from happening. I think I have to do a few test runs to get that right next time.

What's your opinion on the mini? Let me know in the comments. Or vote form him in the Mini360 gallery.

Happy painting!

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Warpaint - GW Savage Orc Big Boss


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  • elsmore

    Looking good, Jack! The ferns came out nicely. Nice effect on the axe head, too. Interesting idea for the application of crackle paint - I think you’re right about there being too much red to make it work.