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Miniature Terrain Campaign - The Hab Block Phase II

 - Blows dust away -  "Hey there, long time no see..." It's been more than half a year since my last post. A lot has happened since then, most noticable I've gotten into Infinity and speaking of Infinity I now quickly want to raise your attention to a Kickstarter campaign that I'm supporting and if your into Sci-Fi tabletop in 28 - 32mm you might want to take a look, too. If you're playing the Batman miniatures game or Pulp City, this one might be for you as well as they have cool sets to...

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Showcase - Savage Orc Big Boss

Here's the Savage Orc Big Boss from GW that I painted up for a miniature switching initiative in the Tabletopwelt.de forum. Very cool miniature, very dynamic, I had a lot of fun painting it. There are a few first with this miniature, it was the first time that I used paper fern leaves from Fredericus Rex, I did a bit of discolouration to not have them look uniformly green. It was also the first time that I tried to use glue (Uhu Flinke Flasche) to create spit threads (is that the correct English wording?) and I'm quite...

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Painting up an Epic Ultramarine force - Release the Kraken!

A few of my friends told me now that I'm painting up an Epic force in such detail I also should make some terrain to match that level of detail. I always prefer painting miniatures to painting terrain, actually I have only ever painted one piece of terrain (a small ruin that I build out of styrodur). Then again I just started painting 1,5 years ago. Well, what I want to say is that first of all I will be painting my Ultramarines and after that if I feel like it I'll probably do some terrain. However I have...

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The First Post.

  Good day! Sorry that I don't have any other suitable images to go with this post, but it is merely an introductory post. I don't know how active this site is, but at least there have been SOME posts since the opening of 2015! So, who am I? To hold onto that small dose of anoniminity that I have, I shall refer to myself merely as 'RotGob' on here. If anyone here actually wants to game with me, send me a message and then you can find out more about me personally and outside of the hobby! ...

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