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the dark chamber

By accident I passed some Epic game stuff on WikiP that guided me to this place. Looks nice. Maybe it can motivate me to do some stuff so Ill scribble some runes into the virtual slab and let it into the cyber warp and see what happens... First I’m just going through that old story again so I feel more comfortable being here. In 1989 A.D. A classmate had some weird but awesome white metal figures called Space Marines, seemingly in 1/48 scale. You could actually play with them using some sort of rule system - “without game...

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Plasmablast Games 6mm Marhaf Legion Range

Anyone interested in other 6mm ranges? I've bought a fair amount of  Plasmablast minis so thought I'd stick this video together showing of my Marhaf Legion. I also have Plasmablast's Orbital Combine and Progenitors on my painting slate, again with a view to adding videos for these. I've written rules for the Marhaf Legion for Net Epic and will be play testing these at the weekend. Hopefully a battle report will follow! http://youtu.be/FtCbjbA1x7E

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Epic Objectives

 For decades I used the old objective counters from 2nd edition Space Marine on my battlefield which served me well. But a few years ago I became inspired by a few posts on Tactical Command to make objectives more than just a piece of card. In the hope that I might inspire others in a similar manner, I've put together a short video of miniatures I use for my objective markers.  Most of these are available from various companies, but I've also stuck in a few home builds to show that making these things doesn't...

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Battlescene Designs Buildings - Blog & Video

I recently bought a number of Battlescene Designs' new range of buildings and wanted to share this with the 6mm community. When the precision laser-cut wooden pieces were delivered I quickly set out to my local art shop to get some supplies. I had a eureka moment when I stumbled across mirrored card - I realised that it would be perfect to create the illusion of mirrored glass! Armed with my supplies I headed home and quickly got to work on putting together my new acquisitions. I spraypainted the buildings grey, cut the card and stuck it to the pieces...

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