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Things I’ve made so far…

Today - A Spacefleet-era Adeptus Mechanicus fleet with a converted Demiurg Bastion class ship as Omnissiah's Victory. The old plastic cruisers got several adjustments with bits and green stuff, to make it easier, telling the different ship types apart. This pic is actually work in progress, as I am still waiting for decals to arrive. I'll keep you updated.

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persecutors of darkness

Hi new to all of this, bought the dark vengeance box set after years of not playing. Didnt really want to paint green so decided on an unforgiven chapter of the dark angels the "persecutors of darkness" I've gone for a dark red body with black shoulder pads green highlights and golden detail. Cannot seem to find much information about this chapter apart from some fan based stories. Struggling to decide on colour for my ravenwing and deathwing, contemplating a few schemes that will be brighter then usual due warp bleaching from residing so close to the warp and constantly...

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Battlescene Designs Buildings - Blog & Video

I recently bought a number of Battlescene Designs' new range of buildings and wanted to share this with the 6mm community. When the precision laser-cut wooden pieces were delivered I quickly set out to my local art shop to get some supplies. I had a eureka moment when I stumbled across mirrored card - I realised that it would be perfect to create the illusion of mirrored glass! Armed with my supplies I headed home and quickly got to work on putting together my new acquisitions. I spraypainted the buildings grey, cut the card and stuck it to the pieces...

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