The First Post.


Good day!

Sorry that I don't have any other suitable images to go with this post, but it is merely an introductory post. I don't know how active this site is, but at least there have been SOME posts since the opening of 2015!

So, who am I?

To hold onto that small dose of anoniminity that I have, I shall refer to myself merely as 'RotGob' on here. If anyone here actually wants to game with me, send me a message and then you can find out more about me personally and outside of the hobby!

I've been a fan of 40k since I can remember - though I'm not very old, so that is not as long as some may think - but have never really got around to fixing up a full army. I have had small collections of (badly painted) minatures, but that's about it. Most of my interest has been in the fluff. However, I recently bought the Dark Vengeance boxed set with a friend, and I will be painting myself a Dark Angels (or successor) army. They are all assembled, and I shall be putting brush to plastic VERY soon.

As well as this small force, I have also a rather compelling desire to construct a GorkaMorka mob. That will be a long term project, and I hope to scratch build as much of that as possible. This will be my project after the DA army.

Outside of 40k, I am interested in finding out about other minature games. I am about to purchase the Star Wars X-Wing starter set, and hope to have myself a squadron of that to be proud of (not sure of which faction yet though). Dystopian Wars is also a possibility if I can find some local gamers to play it with, but until then I will not be making any purchases into that field.

So that's me. I hope to be making SOME progress on my army soon (give me a couple of months!).

Until next time,


  • elsmore

    Welcome! We get a decent number of visitors each day here and people are joining all the time. Activity can only increase! Looking forward to seeing what you put up in the future, and I hope you make some new connections along the way. smile

  • Gemana

    Hey there - would strongly recommend getting into Epic Armageddon. Cost efficient, easy to paint and nowadays some great products from Onslaught miniatures or steelcrown productions. On my blog you can find some of the latter painted. Also you could check google or the tactical command forum wink