Irvine, CA

I’m interested in Space Marine Epic 2nd edition and 1st, where I have a marine force, a partial eldar, and would like to get into IG or orks. 

Also Warhammer Fantasy Battles, primarily 3rd edition, then 8th, then 6/7th, will not play any ‘herohammer’ editions smile  Most of what I have are Dwarfs, followed by Dark Elves and Bretonnia, would like to build out to several armies if possible.

I’m also into Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader 1st edition, I’ve got a sizable Squat force which was removed in later editions.  Its tone is also a bit more space opera and open-ended if you like, which I go for, a galaxy is a big place where anything is possible.

In Space Marine/Epic I won the first North American championship ~1990, almost all my models are pre-1991.  When I first got into Games Workshop the only store in the United States was in Laurel, MD where I grew up.  I recently got my wife into miniature painting (dark elves) and now we are looking for groups to game with.

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