Knight Moirax

Knights Moirax have no community tested rules for Epic Armageddon, yet.

Armiger Knight

Armiger Knights can be found in the Epic codexes, linked on the community page. They are classed as scouts, making them ideal for penetrating deep into enemy territory and capturing objectives.

Questoris Knight

Questoris Knights come in various configurations, each with a specific role to play on the battlefield. They are all War Engines with heavy armour and an Ion Shield for defence.

Warmaster Titan

The Warmaster Titan doesn’t currently feature in any Epic lists, but will no-doubt appear in the future.

Mechanicum Questoris Knight

Mechanicum Questoris Knights are armed with exotic weaponry that is effective against infantry and vehicles alike. Their Rad Cleansers ignore cover, making them especially effective in urban environments.

Acastus Knight

The Acastus Knight is a hulking monster the size of a Warhound Titan. Armed with an array of powerful ranged weaponry they are easily capable of destroying heavily armoured targets.

Cerastus Knight

Cerastus Knights are fast-moving units that come in a variety of configurations. A Knight Lancer is armed with a Shock Lance and Gauntlet Shield, giving it impressive close combat ability. Other variants carry a mixture of ranged and close combat weapons to fit specific roles.

Avenger Strike Fighter

The Avenger Strike Fighter is heavily armed ground attack aircraft employed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Its Avenger Bolt Cannon will cut through infantry, and has decent anti-armour capability. A Heavy Stubber protects its six.

Warbringer Nemesis Titan

The Warbringer Nemesis Titan can be found in the Epic codexes linked on the community page. It can provide support at long range using its devastating Nemesis Quake Canon.

Knight Warden

The Imperial Knight Warden is armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons including Demolisher, Heavy Bolters, Multilasers, and more. It is heavily armoured, and is best suited to storming fortified enemy positions.