The Hellhammer is a variant of the Baneblade that is designed specifically for tearing apart heavily armoured targets and fortifications. It doesn’t feature in any approved Epic Armageddon lists, but the model could proxy a Baneblade or similar.

Elysian Drop Troops

Elysian Drop Troops use grav-chutes or Valkyrie transports to deploy onto the battlefield. They are armed with Lasguns and Plasma Guns, giving them decent firepower at short range.

Arvus Lighter

The Arvus Lighter is a small shuttle used for ferrying cargo and personel. It doesn’t have any rules in Epic, but an Arvus Lighter can make good base decoration…


The Imperial Dropship is a huge transport, able to carry many infantry and armour units. It is adorned with weaponry, allowing it to lay down supressing fire as it lands. This limited release model does not currently feature in any community approved Epic Armageddon lists, but it can be found in the NetEpic rules.


The Stormhammer super heavy tank mounts two Twin Stub Battle Cannon that will pulverise infantry and armour at medium range. In addition, it also carries Twin Heavy Bolters on four sponsons that will mow down troops that get too close.

Capitol Imperialis

A Capitol Imperialis is a gigantic mobile command centre, capable of transporting whole regiments of troops. It is slow but incredibly heavily armoured, and it is protected by several Void Shields. It doesn’t feature in any approved Epic Armageddon lists, but it can be found in the Space Marine 2nd Edition rules.

Lunar Class Cruiser

The Lunar Class Cruiser has Orbital Bombardment capability, and a focused pin-point attack useful for taking out War Engines. Careful consideration should be given as to whether a super heavy tank would prove more cost effective.

Emperor Class Battleship

An Emperor Class Battleship has a large Orbital Bombardment attack that can devastate entire formations of infantry and vehicles. It’s essentially a one-shot weapon and the predetermined co-ordinates of the attack should be considered carefully, otherwise it will be wasted.

Marauder Destroyer

The Imperial Navy Marauder Destroyer is a heavily armed bomber that poses a significant threat to enemy infantry and armour anywhere on the board.


An Imperial Guard Stormsword is a super heavy tank armed with weapons that specialise in destroying enemy in cover. Its Siege Cannon will obliterate fortifications, and Heavy Flamers lap around anything that stands between the Stormsword and its enemies.