A Necron Warbarque is a heavily armed War Engine with numerous anti-armour oriented weapons. Particle Cannons provide long range capability, while War Cannons and Gauss Cannons target nearer enemy units. The Warbarque also acts as a Portal, allowing reinforcements to be called in at its position.

The Nightbringer

C’Tan, The Nightbringer is an incredibly powerful living God of the Necrons. It can appear anywhere on the board without warning, and tear up the most heavily armoured targets with its Scythe. Nearby Necron units are inspired by the sight of their God to fight harder in battle.

The Deceiver

C’Tan, The Deceiver is a living God of the Necrons. He glides over the battlefield causing death and disruption to his enemies, and providing leadership bonuses and inspiration to his troops. He is incredibly difficult to destroy, possessing a 4+ invulnerable save.


A Necron Pylon is a huge, stationary weapon with impressive range and power. It is unsusual in that its Titan-killing Particle Accelerator can target aircraft, making air assault on the Necron army especially difficult for their enemies.

Aeonic Orb

A Necron Aeonic Orb is a long ranged weapon of almost unparalleled power. It floats ominously across the battlefield searching for suitable enemy units to target with its Solar Flare, and a hit can reduce an unshielded Titan to dust in one volley.


The Necron Abattoir is a gigantic vehicle that walks on tentacle-like limbs which also serve as devastating weapons, flaying anything that gets in its path. Scarab Swarms stream from its interior, reducing smaller targets to carcases or wrecks in seconds. It has excellent armour, and the Living Metal special rule, making it incredibly difficult to destroy.

Tomb Spyder

Necron Tomb Spyders unleash swarms of deadly mechanical Scarabs on their enemies. The Scarabs scuttle around and over cover, negating any defensive bonus the enemy units might hope to claim.


Necron Obelisks are heavily armoured vehicles that have good anti-infantry and anti-armour capability. They can appear anywhere on the board without warning, to cause havoc among enemy ranks.


Necron Monoliths are heavily armoured machines that hover just above the ground, destroying enemy infantry and armour with their Particle Whips and Gauss Flux Arcs. They also act as Portals from which Necron forces enter the battlefield, making them extremely dangerous units.


Necron Wraiths are frightening mechanical creatures with razor sharp claws that will slice through enemy units with speed and efficiency. They are fast enough to catch their prey by surprise, and weaker opponents may never get the opportunity to fight back.