Mega Gargant

An Ork Mega Gargant is a colossal mountain of guns, rockets, grabbing arms, and other weaponry. It slowly rolls into battle, utterly destroying almost everything in its path. Taking one down is near impossible, and it will continue crushing its foes even while fires blaze around its structure.

Kill Kroozer

A Kill Kroozer provides the Ork player with an Orbital Bombardment attack. The attack is inconsistent in its power, and the ship has no transport capacity for planetfalling units.


The Battlekroozer can carry 12 Ork Landas – enough to mount a huge planetary assault. It also has an Orbital Bombardment attack, which varies in power according to how good your dice are…


The Ork Landa is a transport aircraft with a large capacity for a variety of units. It has good armour and can sustain a reasonable amount of damage, helping to ensure its payload reaches the intended target.

Fighta Bommer

Fighter Bommers can be deployed in significant number. Large squadrons are able to sustain heavy losses and still make it through to their target.


The Supa-Stompa is a well armoured machine that carries heavy weaponry that is powerful enough to cut down War Engines at range and in close combat. An Ork player should bear in mind that It does stand out in a Stompa mob, and will likely be a priority target for the enemy.

Steam Gargant

Feral Ork Steam Gargants are smaller, more primative versions of the more familiar Ork Gargants. They still pack an impressive punch, and will tear apart most enemy units in close combat.


An Orkeosaurus is a huge beast with massive tusks and a thick hide that will shrug off most incoming fire with ease. Feral Orks further increase its toughness by adding armour plating, and attach numerous guns to create a fearsome fighting platform.


The Gunfortress is a War Engine with adequate firepower and transport capacity. It can add some welcome resilience at a reasonable cost to an Ork mob.

Great Gargant

Great Gargants are hulking machines that can lay waste to entire formations of troops or vehicles, and destroy the largest War Engines. It is almost impossible to destroy one during the course of a game, and opponents will likely spend time actively attempting to avoid it. Great Gargants are very expensive, and sacrifices will be made elsewhere in the Ork army if one is included.