Grey Knights

Grey Knights are armed with Nemesis Force Weapons, giving them more potency in close combat that other Space Marines.

Predator Destructor

The Space Marine Predator Destructor is an anti infantry version of the Predator.

Drop Pod

Drop Pods are deployed from a Strike Cruiser or Battle Barge. They replace transport Rhinos, and allow the Space Marine to strike anywhere on the board with impunity. They are also one of the best ways of deploying slow moving Dreadnoughts.


The Rhino is a well armoured transport vehicle, used by various factions in Epic Armageddon. It has the capacity to carry two stands of troops into battle, and provide light fire support in engagements.

Strike Cruiser

The Space Marine Strike Cruiser can carry out an Orbital Bombardment during one turn. More importantly, it allows Space Marines to be deployed via Drop Pods, or planet falling Thunderhawks and Landing Craft, thus avoiding anti-aircraft attacks.

Battle Barge

The Space Marine Battle Barge can launch an enormous Orbital Bombardment in the latter stages of a game. It also allows formations to planet fall via Drop Pods, Thunderhawks, or Landing Craft, though a Strike Cruiser has the same capability and is cheaper.

Thunderhawk Transporter

Thunderhawk Transporters are useful for deploying armour anywhere on the board. Unlike Thunderhawk Gunships they are lightly armed, but they still benefit from heavy armour.

Thunderhawk Gunship

Thunderhawk Gunships are a popular choice in a Space Marine army. They are often deployed in pairs, providing formidable assault capability anywhere on the board. They are fairly resilient to anti-aircraft fire.

Thunderbolt Fighter

The Thunderbolt Fighter is excellent insurance against enemy air attack. They are cheap, resilient, and carry decent firepower. Once enemy anti-aircraft capability has been neutralised, they can be used to great effect in clearing up fleeing formations.

Marauder Bomber

The Marauder Bomber is a heavily armed offensive unit capable of hitting any position on the board. They are excellent for mopping up fleeing formations, and can withstand a reasonable amount of incomming anti-air fire.