Protector Class Cruiser

A Tau Protector Class Cruiser has powerful Pin-Point Attacks that can vaporise War Engines in one volley. It also enables Manta and Orca Dropships to arrive on the battlefield via Planetfall.

Hero Class Cruiser

A Hero Class Cruiser can provide useful orbital support to a Tau army. It can target enemy War Engines with it’s powerful Pin-point Attacks, and deliver Orcas and Mantas anywhere on the board.

Custodian Class Battleship

A Custodian Class Battleship can provide Tau ground forces with substantial orbital support in the form of Gravitic Tracer Salvos and Titan-killing Pin-Point Attacks. It can also act as a launch platform for Manta and Orca Dropships.

Tiger Shark AX-1-0

The Tiger Shark AX-1-0 is a heavily armed aircraft capable of destroying the mightiest War Engines with its Twin Rail Cannons. It also carries a range of secondary weapons that are able to threaten all types of target.

Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark is a well armed aircraft that can transport units of Gun Drones and drop them on the battlefield wherever they are needed most.


Orca Dropships are Transport aircraft used to deploy infantry and Battlesuits anywhere on the board. They have thick armour to protect their valuable cargo, but their offensive weapon capability is limited.


Tau Barracudas are fighter aircraft with good all-round capability, and they are excellent for clearing up fleeing or broken formations. Their armour is light, so they should stay away from enemy anti-air guns where possible.


The Tau Manta is one of the largest known spaceships capable of atmospheric flight. It employs an impressive array of weaponry that will decimate small War Engines in one volley. It also has a large cargo bay with room enough to transport multiple formations of infantry, plus armoured vehicles.


Tetras are light scouting vehicles who’s primary task is to help to coordinate other Tau units’ fire, and use their Markerlights to further increase the accuracy of Tau weapons.


Tau Skyrays are mobile missile platforms that are excellent at providing defence against enemy aircraft. They also have good anti-armour capability, so long as their targets are ‘Marked’ to allow their guided missiles to home in.