As its name suggests, the Dominatrix takes no prisoners. Armed with a Bio-Cannon, Bio-Acid, Energy Pulse, and Massive Claws, it strides across the battlefield leaving a trail of destruction. It can command multiple formations to engage the enemy, and being fearless, will never flee.

Hydraphant Bio-Titan

The Hydraphant is one of the largest Tyranid bio constructs seen on the battlefield. Its Ripper Tentacles can pull apart enemy titans with ease, and it has an array of secondary weaponry with which to decimate units of all types up close and at range.

Hierophant Bio-Titan

A Hierophant Bio-Titan is a mountain of flesh that can bring large Bio-Cannon and Massive Claws to bear on the enemy. It is fearless and has heavy armour.

Hive Nest

The Hive Nest spawns Ripper Swarms that will attack anything that comes near.


Tyranid Harridans are huge nightmare creatures that fly above the battlefield, swooping to strike with Bio-Cannon and Crushing Claws. They can also carry Gargoyles, delivering them straight into the heart of the enemy.


Tyranid Hierodules are equally dangerous in close combat and at range. Their Bio-Cannon can destroy infantry and vehicles at good range, and Crushing Claws rip through anything foolish enough to come within reach.


Tyranid Trygons is a large, heavily armoured creature with huge Scything Talons and a Bio-Electric Field that can tear through infantry at short range. It can strike in unexpected positions, infiltrating enemy lines with ease.


Tyranid Malefactors are close support specialists that shoot razor sharp projectiles from their arms. Scores of enemies can fall to the Malefactor’s attack.


A Tyranid Haruspex is a mass of flesh and Talons, slithering into battle at a rapid rate, and dicing enemies in the heaviest armour.


Tyranid Exocrines are living, direct fire cannons that fire streams of venom at an impressive rate. Their heavy armour provides good protection, allowing them to stay in the fight longer.