Inquisitor Hereticus

An Inquisitor Hereticus shows no mercy as he cuts down enemies of the the Emperor with his Power Weapon. He leads and inspires his troops in battle, and an Invulnerable Save gives him extra staying power.


Dark Eldar Hellion are fast moving assault troops who ride into battle on highly manoeuvrable hover boards. They are accomplished close combat fighters, and will cut down enemies with ease using sinister-looking Hellglaives.

Knight Lancer

The Knight Lancer is a shock unit that hits first in engagements. Both Power Lance and Shock Lance have the First Strike rule, and they hit hard, meaning the enemy often doesn’t get the chance to fight back. It is also armed with a Battlecannon, providing decent ranged capability.


The Trojan Support Vehicle is an armoured tractor capable of towing heavy guns into position.

Tzeentch Firelord

The Chaos Firelord is a bomber is excellent at destroying entrenched targets. Flame Cannon and Firestorm Bombs make a mockery of natural cover or fortifications, while its Twin Lascannon is useful for taking out enemy armour and aircraft.

Tzeentch Silver Tower

Silver Towers are strange, floating castles that drift over the battlefield destroying infantry and armoured targets with equal ease. They are fairly well armoured, and have the added bonus of being able to pop up from behind cover to make their attacks.