Knight Paladin

An Imperial Knight Paladin excels in engagements, where its Chainsword and Shock Lance will make short work of most targets. It is also armed with a Battlecannon for long range support.


Tyranid Zoanthropes are strange top-heavy looking beasts that pack a formidable ranged punch. Their Warp Blast will obliterate most targets it hits.


The Eldar Cobra carries an extremely powerful D-Cannon, which can destroy Titans in one attack. However, it is difficult to get into position and carry out a successful attack due to its short range and the propensity for opponents to treat it as a high priority target.

Heavy Weapon Platform

Heavy Weapon platforms give Guardian formations some decent ranged firepower. They can be deployed in number to switch a Guardian formation from a largely assault orientated role, to a defensive objective guard.

Leman Russ Vanquisher

The Vanquisher is a Leman Russ variant with a huge, long ranged gun. It is especially useful for ‘sniping’ enemy armour from far away, but its heavy armour gives it an excellent chance of survival if the enemy gets close enough to retaliate.