The Dark Eldar Ravager is an excellent anti-vehicle unit capable of making hit-and-run attacks. Armed with two Dark Lances and a Disintegrator, it will make short work of even heavily armoured targets.


Dark Eldar Hellion are fast moving assault troops who ride into battle on highly manoeuvrable hover boards. They are accomplished close combat fighters, and will cut down enemies with ease using sinister-looking Hellglaives.


Dark Eldar Wyches have considerable prowess in close combat. They strike before the enemy can retaliate, and the infiltrate rule provides them with extended range when engaging their targets.


A Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine is a nightmare creation of the Haemonculi, that glides into battle and eviscerates foes with its Massive Blades. It is fearless and has heavy armour, making it difficult to banish from the battlefield.

Knight Paladin

An Imperial Knight Paladin excels in engagements, where its Chainsword and Shock Lance will make short work of most targets. It is also armed with a Battlecannon for long range support.

Imperator Titan

An Imperator Class Titan is a huge walking fortress, armed with some of the most destructive weapons seen in the game of Epic. Its Plasma Annihilator will destroy even the largest targets in one volley, and its Hellstorm Cannon will obliterate scores of smaller targets under a rain of fire. 8 Void Shields protect the Titan, but even when they are stripped it’s unlikely the enemy have enough firepower to bring it down.

Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser

The Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser provides orbital support for a Titan Legion. It uses powerful bombardment and pin-point attacks to destroy large numbers of small units, or single, high value targets.


As its name suggests, the Dominatrix takes no prisoners. Armed with a Bio-Cannon, Bio-Acid, Energy Pulse, and Massive Claws, it strides across the battlefield leaving a trail of destruction. It can command multiple formations to engage the enemy, and being fearless, will never flee.

Hydraphant Bio-Titan

The Hydraphant is one of the largest Tyranid bio constructs seen on the battlefield. Its Ripper Tentacles can pull apart enemy titans with ease, and it has an array of secondary weaponry with which to decimate units of all types up close and at range.

Spore Mine Cluster

Spore Mine Clusters float around the battlefield, causing damage and disruption to infantry, vehicles, and aircraft.