Knight Paladin

An Imperial Knight Paladin excels in engagements, where its Chainsword and Shock Lance will make short work of most targets. It is also armed with a Battlecannon for long range support.


An Imperial Guard Stormblade is a super heavy vehicle with superb all-round ability. Its Plasma Blastgun is a powerful and accurate heavy armour killer, and its secondary weaponry will keep multiple enemy units at bay.

Subjugator Titan

A Chaos Subjugator Titan is a close combat orientated War Engine that will stride at speed across the battlefield in order to rip enemy units of all sizes to shreads with its Hellclaws.

Tzeentch Silver Tower

Silver Towers are strange, floating castles that drift over the battlefield destroying infantry and armoured targets with equal ease. They are fairly well armoured, and have the added bonus of being able to pop up from behind cover to make their attacks.