The Necron Abattoir is a gigantic vehicle that walks on tentacle-like limbs which also serve as devastating weapons, flaying anything that gets in its path. Scarab Swarms stream from its interior, reducing smaller targets to carcases or wrecks in seconds. It has excellent armour, and the Living Metal special rule, making it incredibly difficult to destroy.


The Dark Eldar Venom is a light vehicle with decent armour and the ability to transport a small number of troops. It is armed with a Splinter Cannon, allowing it to make raiding attacks against enemy infantry.


A Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine is a nightmare creation of the Haemonculi, that glides into battle and eviscerates foes with its Massive Blades. It is fearless and has heavy armour, making it difficult to banish from the battlefield.

Knight Errant

An Imperial Knight Errant is a short range monster, specifically designed to take out heavily armoured targets. Its Thermal Cannon will reduce most targets to slag with ease, and both its Power Fist and Shock Lance are formidable weapons  in engagements.

Scythe Harvest Ship

The Necron Scythe Harvest Ship has powerful space-to-surface weapons capable of destroying the largest of targets. Two Pin-Point Attacks each provide D3 Titan Killer shots, and the NetEA list also adds an Orbital Bombardment attack for destroying and disrupting large numbers of smaller targets.

Living Ancestor

On the rare occasion a Squat lives beyond his normal lifespan of 300 years, he develops psychic abilities that enable him to provide expert insights to his commanders.


Squat Warlords often wade into battle wearing heavy power armour called ‘Exo Armour’. This affords them a re-roll on armour saves, and provides them with formidable close combat ability.

Warp Spiders

Warp Spiders are extremely versatile assault orientated infantry capable of shredding formations of lower armoured troops before a shot is fired in return. A popular tactic is to emerge from Storm Serpent Webway gates and use their considerable assault range to hit unsupported or unprepared enemy targets.


An Imperial Guard Stormblade is a super heavy vehicle with superb all-round ability. Its Plasma Blastgun is a powerful and accurate heavy armour killer, and its secondary weaponry will keep multiple enemy units at bay.