Tyranid Harridans are huge nightmare creatures that fly above the battlefield, swooping to strike with Bio-Cannon and Crushing Claws. They can also carry Gargoyles, delivering them straight into the heart of the enemy.


The Termite is a tunnelling machine used to transport troops into battle. The premise is similar to deployment via spaceship drop, and the enemy player does not know exactly when, or where the Termite will appear.

Landing Craft

The Space Marine Landing Craft is a huge aircraft capable of carrying up to three formations of Space Marines plus four Land Raiders or Six vehicles based on the Rhino hull. An air assault from one of these aircraft can be hard to deal with for an opponent.

Land Speeder

Space Marine Land Speeders make excellent flanking units. They carry melta weapons capable of destroying heavy armour, and are well suited to getting into position for crossfire bonuses.

Space Marine Captain

A space Marine Captain brings additional leadership qualities to Marine Tactical, Devastator, and Assault formations. In Epic Armageddon, a Captain can call on nearby formations to join him in a combined assault.

Space Marine Chaplian

A Space Marine Chaplain is an inspiring character, who drives those around him to assault with greater zeal and ferocity. He can be the difference between winning or losing and engadgement.

Eldar Guardians

Eldar Guardians are fragile, yet surprisingly effective in enagements due to large numbers and the range of units they can draw upon for support. They are also very cheap, and can enable an Eldar player to attain an activation count majority.