Inquisitor Hereticus

An Inquisitor Hereticus shows no mercy as he cuts down enemies of the the Emperor with his Power Weapon. He leads and inspires his troops in battle, and an Invulnerable Save gives him extra staying power.


The Adepta Sororitas Canoness leads her troops into battle, inspiring them to fight harder in engagements. She is armed with a Blessed Weapon, that makes her a formidable opponent in close combat.


The Dark Eldar Raider is a fast transport vehicle with decent armour and good anti-vehicle capability. Its main weapon has the Lance special rule, making it especially effective against targets with Reinforced Armour.


Dark Eldar Reaver Jebikes are sleek machines with a barbed design, that are capable of extreme speed. A move of 40cm makes them one of the fastest units in the game, and there are decent close combat fighters.

Knight Lancer

The Knight Lancer is a shock unit that hits first in engagements. Both Power Lance and Shock Lance have the First Strike rule, and they hit hard, meaning the enemy often doesn’t get the chance to fight back. It is also armed with a Battlecannon, providing decent ranged capability.


The Leviathan is an office block-sized vehicle with an impressive array of weaponry, Void Shield protection, and huge transport capacity. Its main armament, the Doomsday Cannon, has enormous range and will destroy most enemies in a single volley.

Fire Warriors

Tau Fire Warriors are excellent marksmen, and their massed Pulse Rifles and Pulse Carbines will cause serious damage to enemy infantry at range. They lack any decent close combat ability, so be careful not to let anyone get close.