Deathcult Assassins

Deathcult Assassins are extremely effective in close combat, their Power Weapons able to cut through even heavy armour with ease. They have the Infiltrator rule, meaning they can engage the enemy from further away than other units.


Necron Monoliths are heavily armoured machines that hover just above the ground, destroying enemy infantry and armour with their Particle Whips and Gauss Flux Arcs. They also act as Portals from which Necron forces enter the battlefield, making them extremely dangerous units.


The Dark Eldar Ravager is an excellent anti-vehicle unit capable of making hit-and-run attacks. Armed with two Dark Lances and a Disintegrator, it will make short work of even heavily armoured targets.


The Dark Eldar Venom is a light vehicle with decent armour and the ability to transport a small number of troops. It is armed with a Splinter Cannon, allowing it to make raiding attacks against enemy infantry.

Warp Beasts

Dark Eldar Warp Beasts sometimes accompany Wyches into combat, providing even greater close combat potency. The enemy will find themselves fending off a flurry of attacks from razor sharp Teeth and Claws.


A Dark Eldar Scourge flies over the battlefield raining fire down with Dark Lance and Splinter Cannon. They have the Teleport rule, allowing them to strike from favourable positions with speed and efficiency.


Dark Eldar Warriors are similar in cabability to their Craftworld Eldar counterparts. They do have a ranged attack in the form of a Splinter Cannon, albeit extremely short range.