The Adepta Sororitas Canoness leads her troops into battle, inspiring them to fight harder in engagements. She is armed with a Blessed Weapon, that makes her a formidable opponent in close combat.

Aeonic Orb

A Necron Aeonic Orb is a long ranged weapon of almost unparalleled power. It floats ominously across the battlefield searching for suitable enemy units to target with its Solar Flare, and a hit can reduce an unshielded Titan to dust in one volley.


Dark Eldar Incubi carry massive blades into combat, slicing and dicing their targets with ease. They have extremely limited ranged attacks, so it’s best to get up close and personal with the enemy.


Dark Eldar Haemonculi are horrific individuals who sculpt the flesh of their victims with the various instruments of torture at their disposal, and they are feared even by other Dark Eldar.


Tyranid Raveners are primarily close combat creatures who can burrow underground to attack anywhere on the battlefield, Scything Talons ripping through even the toughest armour. They also have weak ranged attack with which to provide support in engagements.


The Termite is a tunnelling machine used to transport troops into battle. The premise is similar to deployment via spaceship drop, and the enemy player does not know exactly when, or where the Termite will appear.


Squat Bikers are fast attack troops with good close combat ability. They speed into battle riding custom choppers and wearing mirror lense eye-wear.


The Ork Skorcha is very effective against infantry at short range, and it is ideally suited to clearing out entrenched positions. With a good turn of speed, it is useful for flanking the enemy.

Ragnarok Heavy Tank

he Ragnarok Heavy Tank poses a significant threat to both enemy infantry and armour. It is extremely adept at crossing rough terrain, and is able re-take any rough terrain tests.