Dark Eldar Hellion are fast moving assault troops who ride into battle on highly manoeuvrable hover boards. They are accomplished close combat fighters, and will cut down enemies with ease using sinister-looking Hellglaives.

Hydraphant Bio-Titan

The Hydraphant is one of the largest Tyranid bio constructs seen on the battlefield. Its Ripper Tentacles can pull apart enemy titans with ease, and it has an array of secondary weaponry with which to decimate units of all types up close and at range.

Spore Mine Cluster

Spore Mine Clusters float around the battlefield, causing damage and disruption to infantry, vehicles, and aircraft.


An Exarch can further increase the effectiveness of an Aspect Warrior unit. Depending on the Aspect they belong to, they are close combat or fire fight orientated. The latter are more popular, as they have more chance of surviving an engagement.


Imperial Guard Snipers are excellent for taking out enemy targets of high importance. They can also provide a useful screen to protect against assaults on valuable friendly units.

Space Marine Chaplian

A Space Marine Chaplain is an inspiring character, who drives those around him to assault with greater zeal and ferocity. He can be the difference between winning or losing and engadgement.