Adepta Sororitas Seraphim are elite warriors in a Sisters of Battle army. They have good armour and are effective in both fire fights and close combat. Their wings allow them to move a significant distance across the battlefield, and the Teleport ability allows them to strike from unexpected locations.

Knight Castellan

A Knight Castellan is a heavily armoured fire support unit, armed with two Twin Autocannon and a Heavy Cannon. It is one of the slower knights, but decent range on its weapons make up for this.


Squat Thunderers are excellent ranged specialists, armed with missile launchers and Heavy Bolters that can deal with armoured vehicles and infantry.

Leman Russ Conqueror

The Leman Russ Conqueror is a slightly less heavily armed Leman Russ variant. To make up for this relative lack of firepower, it is a faster tank than its cousins.


Imperial Guard Snipers are excellent for taking out enemy targets of high importance. They can also provide a useful screen to protect against assaults on valuable friendly units.

Plague Tower

A Plague Tower is a large ramshackle construction useful for assaulting enemy fortified positions at range or up close, where it can deploy units of Chaos infantry under cover of its vast chassis.


Chaos Defilers are horrifying crab-like vehicles that boast an array of weaponry. Battle Cannon and Reaper Autocannon will destroy enemy units at range, while huge Battle Claws will rip apart heavily armoured units at close quarters.

Epic Harlequins

Warlord Titan

The Warlord Titan is a massive war engine, capable of laying waste to entire formations. With a full complement of Void Shields and high damage capacity, destroying one can prove a tall order. However, they are very expensive, and including one in an army will mean sacrificing tactical flexibility.