Chaos Raptors

Chaos Raptors are vicious close combat troops who are equiped with Jump Packs, giving them excellent range. They wield Chainswords that rip through flesh and light armour with ease.

Penitent Engine

Penitent Engines are incredibly destructive units that charge headlong into battle, galvanised by the need to expunge the guilt their pilots feel for sins they have committed. Armed with Heavy Flamers and Power Saws, their targets cannot take advantage of cover or even armour.


Redemptionists are religious extremists who believe sinners must be destroyed by fire and under blade. And in the eyes of a Redemptionist, everyone is a sinner. They are cheap and unarmoured, but effective in close combat.

Deathcult Assassins

Deathcult Assassins are extremely effective in close combat, their Power Weapons able to cut through even heavy armour with ease. They have the Infiltrator rule, meaning they can engage the enemy from further away than other units.


Adepta Sororitas Seraphim are elite warriors in a Sisters of Battle army. They have good armour and are effective in both fire fights and close combat. Their wings allow them to move a significant distance across the battlefield, and the Teleport ability allows them to strike from unexpected locations.