A Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine is a nightmare creation of the Haemonculi, that glides into battle and eviscerates foes with its Massive Blades. It is fearless and has heavy armour, making it difficult to banish from the battlefield.


An Imperial Guard Stormblade is a super heavy vehicle with superb all-round ability. Its Plasma Blastgun is a powerful and accurate heavy armour killer, and its secondary weaponry will keep multiple enemy units at bay.


The Basilisk is a mainstay of many Imperial Guard armies. It can pound enemy lines from afar, and its Earthshaker gun will make short work of destroying infantry or armoured vehicles.

Thudd Gun

Thudd Guns (aka Light Artillery) are quad barrelled artillery weapons that are useful for pounding enemy positions from behind cover.

Support Squad

Fire Support Units add decent ranged firepower to infantry formations.

Imperial Guard Commander

Imperial Guard Commanders are essential for organising the men. In E:A they are able to order multiple formations to simultaneously attack the enemy.


Imperial Guard infantry and their cousins across other Imperial factions are cheap and numerous. Their combined small arms fire makes them excellent in a firefight, but they should not attempt to fight in close combat.

Rough Riders

Rough Riders charge the enemy and skewer them with Power Lances before they have a chance to retaliate. They make decent flanking units and useful scouts.


The Rhino is a well armoured transport vehicle, used by various factions in Epic Armageddon. It has the capacity to carry two stands of troops into battle, and provide light fire support in engagements.

Tzeentch Doomwing

Tzeentch Doomwings are frighteningly fast aircraft armed with short ranged Flame Cannons that are excellent for clearing out enemy targets in cover.