Battle Sisters

Adepta Sororitas Battle Sisters are zealous servants of the Emperor. They charge into battle armed with Bolters and Heavy Flamers that ignore cover, purging heretics and xenos with extreme predudice.

Razorwing Fighter

The Dark Eldar Razorwing Fighter is a nimble aircraft that can cause havoc if allowed to attack freely. Monoscythe Missiles and Splinter Cannon will make short work of infantry, and its Dark Lances are effective against even heavy armour.

Knight Paladin

An Imperial Knight Paladin excels in engagements, where its Chainsword and Shock Lance will make short work of most targets. It is also armed with a Battlecannon for long range support.

Capitol Imperialis

A Capitol Imperialis is a gigantic mobile command centre, capable of transporting whole regiments of troops. It is slow but incredibly heavily armoured, and it is protected by several Void Shields. It doesn’t feature in any approved Epic Armageddon lists, but it can be found in the Space Marine 2nd Edition rules.


A Tyranid Carnifex is a terrifying walking tank, with huge Scything Talons that will slice through the heaviest armour. It is fearless, and will never run from a fight.


The Rapier is a stationary laser weapon designed to defend against armoured vehicles, though it does have some anti-infantry ability.


The Eldar Wraithgate is a unique structure that allows smaller units to enter the board from the webway. Often used in conjuction with Storm Serpents to provide tactical flexibility.

Phantom Titan

The Phantom Titan is often overlooked but can make an excellent defensive unit that denies the enemy access to territory, especially when configured with twin Titan Pulsars. In addition, its Holofield generator mean it it has an excellent chance of surviving a battle.


The Shadowsword super heavy tank is designed for destroying War Engines; a role which it fulfills admirably. Its Titan class Volcano Cannon can vaporise smaller War Engines with one shot.