A Repressor is a transport vehicle capable of traversing dangerous terrain with ease. Armed with a Heavy Flamer, it ignores cover, making it useful for removing enrenched enemies.


Arco-Flagellants are individuals who have been lobotomised and had their arms replaced with Combat Flails, as punishment for crimes they have committed. Completely fearless, they rush headlong into battle striking down multiple targets as they go.


Adepta Sororitas Repentia are individuals who have something to atone for. Stripped of their armour, they are given a chance to redeem themselves by rushing into battle wielding Eviscerators to cut down any who do not worship the Emperor.


The Necron Abattoir is a gigantic vehicle that walks on tentacle-like limbs which also serve as devastating weapons, flaying anything that gets in its path. Scarab Swarms stream from its interior, reducing smaller targets to carcases or wrecks in seconds. It has excellent armour, and the Living Metal special rule, making it incredibly difficult to destroy.


Necron Wraiths are frightening mechanical creatures with razor sharp claws that will slice through enemy units with speed and efficiency. They are fast enough to catch their prey by surprise, and weaker opponents may never get the opportunity to fight back.

Heavy Destroyers

Necron Heavy Destroyers are fearsome anti-tank specialists, who’s Heavy Gauss Cannons will pose a serious threat to armour at medium range.


The Kashnarak is a nightmare beast of with massive teeth and claws with which it uses to cut its enemies into ribbons. Even heavily armoured targets will succumb to its shear power, and its assault is relentless.