Avenger Strike Fighter

The Avenger Strike Fighter is heavily armed ground attack aircraft employed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Its Avenger Bolt Cannon will cut through infantry, and has decent anti-armour capability. A Heavy Stubber protects its six.

Arvus Lighter

The Arvus Lighter is a small shuttle used for ferrying cargo and personel. It doesn’t have any rules in Epic, but an Arvus Lighter can make good base decoration…

Raven Fighter

The Raven Fighter is a fast interceptor with excellent anti-aircraft ability. Its Dark Lances and Long Barrel Splinter Cannon are also useful for mopping up broken or fleeing formations.

Corsair Class Escort

A Corsair Class Escort is a relatively small spaceship that provides orbital support to the Dark Eldar army. It is armed with an Orbital Bombardment and a Pin-Point Attack, though some of this weaponry can be forfeited to gain transport capacity.

Executioner Landing Module

The Dark Eldar Executioner Landing Module is a massive War Engine transport, armed to the teeth with a terrifying array of weaponry. Twin Heavy Phantom Lances will cut through even Titan armour, the Heavy Disintegrator Array will destroy multiple infantry and armour units with one volley, and Twin Heavy Desolators provide maximum disruption among enemy lines. In addition, its Splinter Storm can be used against enemy aircraft to devastating effect.

Voidraven Bomber

The Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber is unusual in that its Void Mines are template weapons with the Lance special rule. Voidravens also mount Twin Void Lances, making them deadly against heavily armoured targets.

Razorwing Fighter

The Dark Eldar Razorwing Fighter is a nimble aircraft that can cause havoc if allowed to attack freely. Monoscythe Missiles and Splinter Cannon will make short work of infantry, and its Dark Lances are effective against even heavy armour.

Scythe Harvest Ship

The Necron Scythe Harvest Ship has powerful space-to-surface weapons capable of destroying the largest of targets. Two Pin-Point Attacks each provide D3 Titan Killer shots, and the NetEA list also adds an Orbital Bombardment attack for destroying and disrupting large numbers of smaller targets.

Torture Class Cruiser

Dark Eldar Torture Class Cruisers are sleek vessels with good utility. As well as powerful Orbital Bombardment and Pin-Point Attacks, it can deliver troops to the surface via an Executioner Landing Module. This allows the Dark Eldar to strike with force anywhere on the battlefield, and without fear of taking fire on the way in.

Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship

An Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship can bring to bear huge amounts of firepower to the planet surface. A player must choose between firing a massive Orbital Bombardment that can disrupt and destroy large numbers of enemy units if the target co-ordinates are good, or using a powerful Pin-Point Attack to destroy the biggest War Engines.