Knight Moirax

Knights Moirax have no community tested rules for Epic Armageddon, yet.

Armiger Knight

Armiger Knights can be found in the Epic codexes, linked on the community page. They are classed as scouts, making them ideal for penetrating deep into enemy territory and capturing objectives.

Exodite Dragon Knight (Tyrannosaurus)

Exodite Dragon Knights are formidable warriors who’s steeds are just as dangerous as the weapons carried by the rider. This limited release model does not currently feature in any community approved Epic Armageddon lists, but it can be found in the NetEpic rules.

Predator Destructor

The Space Marine Predator Destructor is an anti infantry version of the Predator.


An Adepta Sororitas Exorcist is an ornate missile tank armed with a highly effective Exorcist Launcher. It has decent range and hits especially hard against enemy armoured vehicles. It has the Faithful rule, which can be used to make it Fearless and gain an Invulnerable Save.


The Adepta Sororitas Immolator is a tank with substantial short range firepower. Its Twin Multi-meltas will destroy even heavily armoured targets with ease. It can also transport a small number of infantry.


A Repressor is a transport vehicle capable of traversing dangerous terrain with ease. Armed with a Heavy Flamer, it ignores cover, making it useful for removing enrenched enemies.

Penitent Engine

Penitent Engines are incredibly destructive units that charge headlong into battle, galvanised by the need to expunge the guilt their pilots feel for sins they have committed. Armed with Heavy Flamers and Power Saws, their targets cannot take advantage of cover or even armour.

Tomb Spyder

Necron Tomb Spyders unleash swarms of deadly mechanical Scarabs on their enemies. The Scarabs scuttle around and over cover, negating any defensive bonus the enemy units might hope to claim.


Necron Obelisks are heavily armoured vehicles that have good anti-infantry and anti-armour capability. They can appear anywhere on the board without warning, to cause havoc among enemy ranks.