Epic Rulesets

Epic Armageddon

Epic Armageddon (E:A) by Games Workshop is the most recent version of Epic. It is a game of high level strategy using armies that include multiple formations of infantry, armour, air units, and titans. Official support ended in 2013, but the game is developed and supported by a very active community.

The Current State of E:A

"So Games Workshop no longer support E:A; what if I want to play now?"

Well, you're in luck! Epic is very much alive and kicking. The original rule books (PDF format) are...

Space Marine 2nd Edition

​Released in 1991, Space Marine 2nd Edition was Games Workshop’s 3rd flagship gaming system after Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. The focus is on large scale tactical battles, with armies comprised of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and Titans. It had a huge following and retains a strong community today. The NetEpic team continue to develop the game, and army lists for all the major Warhammer 40k races are available.