Land Train

A Squat Land Train is a huge, snaking vehicle of destruction. The engine is armed with an array of weaponry capable of threatening all targets, and it may pull multiple Battle Cars armed with a variety of flame throwers, siege mortars, bombs, and Squat Berserkers.


The primary use for the Squat Cyclops is to destroy large, high value targets with its massive Hellfury Cannon. There is no enemy unit that will withstand an assault from this huge machine, and even Warlord Titans can fall in one volley.


The Squat Colossus is a gigantic fire support vehicle with a massive array of destructive ranged weapons. Doomsday Cannon, Battlecannon and Plasma Missiles destroy the enemy at long range, and the Demolisher Cannon obliterates anything that gets too close.


The Leviathan is an office block-sized vehicle with an impressive array of weaponry, Void Shield protection, and huge transport capacity. Its main armament, the Doomsday Cannon, has enormous range and will destroy most enemies in a single volley.


The Overlord Airship is a huge, floating fortress of destruction. With rows of Battlecannon and Autocannons facing all directions, it will utterly destroy infantry and armoured vehicles alike.

Goliath Mega Cannon

The Goliath Mega Cannon is a huge artilery gun with massive range and firepower. When fired indirectly, there is barely a spot on the battlefield that cannot be targeted, and any cover bonus they enemy might have will be ignored.


A Hellbore is a giant tunnelling machine, capable of transporting entire companies of infantry, Bikers, artillery, and Robots. It will appear unannounced, wreaking havoc in enemy lines.


A Mole is a tunelling transport machine, similar to the Termite but with a higher transport capacity. As well as troops, it can carry light artillery such as Mole Mortars and Tarantulas.


The Termite is a tunnelling machine used to transport troops into battle. The premise is similar to deployment via spaceship drop, and the enemy player does not know exactly when, or where the Termite will appear.

Iron Eagle

The Iron Eagle Gyrocopter is a fast attack skimmer, armed to the teeth with Autocannon and Battlecannon. The Battlecannon has excellent range, making the Iron Eagle perfect for ambush attacks.