Thunderfire Cannons are effective anti-aircraft weapons that can also be trained on ground units. With good range and accuracy, they will deter enemy aircraft from risking attacks on the Squat line of defense.


Robots are hulking automations with limited scope for tactical manoeuvres, but which incorporate good armour and formidable combat ability. Power Fists smash the enemy at close quarters, and Autocannons and Heavy Bolters cut them down at range.


Squat Trikes are fast attack vehicles armed with a pintle mounted Multi-Melta that will reduce even heavily armoured enemies to molten slag in seconds.


A Squat Guildmaster leads his Bikers into battle astride a special custom bike, and armed with a Power Lance with which to strike down enemies before they have a chance to react.


The Tarantula Sentry Gun is an automated weapon with good anti-vehicle capability. The orders it can be given are limited, unless it is part of a formation that includes sentient individuals.


The Rapier is a stationary laser weapon designed to defend against armoured vehicles, though it does have some anti-infantry ability.

Mole Mortar

Mole Mortars are strange ‘artilery’ weapons that release tunnelling ammunition that burrows beneath enemy lines, bypassing defences, and emerging right under the target’s feet.


Squat Thunderers are excellent ranged specialists, armed with missile launchers and Heavy Bolters that can deal with armoured vehicles and infantry.


Squat Hearthguard are elite warriors of high social status. There Heirloom guns and axes provide them with good close combat and ranged ability, and they can lead and inspire troops in battle.


Squat Bikers are fast attack troops with good close combat ability. They speed into battle riding custom choppers and wearing mirror lense eye-wear.