Chaos Raptors

Chaos Raptors are vicious close combat troops who are equiped with Jump Packs, giving them excellent range. They wield Chainswords that rip through flesh and light armour with ease.

Penitent Engine

Penitent Engines are incredibly destructive units that charge headlong into battle, galvanised by the need to expunge the guilt their pilots feel for sins they have committed. Armed with Heavy Flamers and Power Saws, their targets cannot take advantage of cover or even armour.

Deathcult Assassins

Deathcult Assassins are extremely effective in close combat, their Power Weapons able to cut through even heavy armour with ease. They have the Infiltrator rule, meaning they can engage the enemy from further away than other units.


A Priest is a devout member of the Ecclesiarchy who inspires those around him to even greater acts of bravery in battle. He is fearless and a force to be reckoned with in close combat, as he wields his Eviscerator to great effect.


The Adepta Sororitas Canoness leads her troops into battle, inspiring them to fight harder in engagements. She is armed with a Blessed Weapon, that makes her a formidable opponent in close combat.


Necron Immortals use their Gauss Blasters to decimate enemy units at close range. They are also capable close combat fighters.

Heavy Destroyers

Necron Heavy Destroyers are fearsome anti-tank specialists, who’s Heavy Gauss Cannons will pose a serious threat to armour at medium range.

Razorwing Fighter

The Dark Eldar Razorwing Fighter is a nimble aircraft that can cause havoc if allowed to attack freely. Monoscythe Missiles and Splinter Cannon will make short work of infantry, and its Dark Lances are effective against even heavy armour.