Dark Eldar Hellion are fast moving assault troops who ride into battle on highly manoeuvrable hover boards. They are accomplished close combat fighters, and will cut down enemies with ease using sinister-looking Hellglaives.


A Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine is a nightmare creation of the Haemonculi, that glides into battle and eviscerates foes with its Massive Blades. It is fearless and has heavy armour, making it difficult to banish from the battlefield.

Knight Errant

An Imperial Knight Errant is a short range monster, specifically designed to take out heavily armoured targets. Its Thermal Cannon will reduce most targets to slag with ease, and both its Power Fist and Shock Lance are formidable weapons  in engagements.

Scythe Harvest Ship

The Necron Scythe Harvest Ship has powerful space-to-surface weapons capable of destroying the largest of targets. Two Pin-Point Attacks each provide D3 Titan Killer shots, and the NetEA list also adds an Orbital Bombardment attack for destroying and disrupting large numbers of smaller targets.

Hydraphant Bio-Titan

The Hydraphant is one of the largest Tyranid bio constructs seen on the battlefield. Its Ripper Tentacles can pull apart enemy titans with ease, and it has an array of secondary weaponry with which to decimate units of all types up close and at range.


The Leviathan is an office block-sized vehicle with an impressive array of weaponry, Void Shield protection, and huge transport capacity. Its main armament, the Doomsday Cannon, has enormous range and will destroy most enemies in a single volley.


Squat Bikers are fast attack troops with good close combat ability. They speed into battle riding custom choppers and wearing mirror lense eye-wear.


Squat Berserkers are ferocious close combat troops armed with Bolt Pistols and assault weapons. They prevent the enemy from getting too close to ranged formations, and can also be found riding into battle aboard the mighty Squat Land Train.


Tau Hammerheads are based on the Devilfish chassis, and can mount a number of powerful armaments. Railguns are long range anti-tank weapons, Ion Cannons are more effective at destroying infantry, while Twin Fusion Cannons are shorter ranged weapons that cut through the heaviest armour.


The Ork Skorcha is very effective against infantry at short range, and it is ideally suited to clearing out entrenched positions. With a good turn of speed, it is useful for flanking the enemy.